Managing A Positive Mindset

Course Fee:

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Durations: 2 Days

Managing A Positive Mindset

Course Overview:

The rapid change in today’s global market requires us to be motivated to transform our talents and brainpower into a competitive advantage. This training programme will provide you with practical tips, tools and proven strategies for developing powerful personal effectiveness through positive change. You will discover how to maximise yourself plus, boost morale and build peak-performance at the workplace.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand why CHANGE is crucial towards continuous improvement,
  • Boost up self and team’s motivation towards CHANGE,
  • Unleash inner potential towards positive CHANGE in work performance,
  • Inspire optimistic CHANGE to others

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Supervisor
  • Operators
  • Employees of all levels
  • Those who are interested in managing mindset change

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Content:

Module 1 – Understand Self To Understand Others
• Identifying and understanding different thinking patterns
• Identify the FOUR Personality Styles
o Visionary
o Nurturer
o Commander
o Analyser
• Collaborate the FOUR Personality Styles Through the 5S-1M Principle
o ONE Mission, ONE Strategy
o ONE System, ONE Structure
o Effective Accumulation of Skills
o Professional Inter-personal Styles
• Establish the ‘HUMAN’ Structure in You
• 3 steps to reduce Negative Thinking and its effect on you
• Positive Thinking and its effect at the workplace

Module 2 – What Is CHANGE?
• Establish the Key Principles of Change.
• Why You Need to Change?
• What You need to Change?
• Are You Ready to Change?
• Incompetent and competent behaviour

Module 3 – Coach yourself into Actionable Habits
• Understand your needs and habits that make you
• The power of self-coaching
• Have a plan to coach yourself into good habits in the 4 key personality quadrants
• Improving self-esteem
• You Can Make a DIFFERENCE
• Set some clear goals for yourself to follow

Module 4 – Make Positive Change Happen NOW
• FOCUS on the Highly Important Element to Change – Put your energy where it counts most with the 80/20 rule
• Create and maintain a positive mindset in 5 steps
• Take the FIRST Step with the END Result in Mind – DO IT

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