Achieving More At WORK!

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Durations: 2 Days

Achieving More At WORK!

Course Overview:

Most of us want to achieve more at work. But how can you get more done at work on a daily basis? Do you sometimes feel you’re not as productive? You seem to have wasted a lot of time. Your list of things just gets longer, not shorter. Do not feel overwhelmed by what you have on your desk. This program targets to give you an insight on how you are able to manage more in shorter time – by managing SELF!

Course Objectives:

  • Be prepared for PROGRESS and change
  • Create results that make them feel EMPOWERED
  • Anticipate and be more proactive in TAKING ACTION

Who Should Attend?

Executives and above

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Content:

Module 1: Knowing what drives you
• The BE-DO-HAVE attitude – lecture & JOHARI window
• Physiology: the heart of it all – Activity: Is your body as sharp as your mind?
• Change or progress? – Activity: I am the center
• The 4Ds of SUCCESS – Hypnotherapy: The power within
o Recognizing roadblocks: illusion of limited resources

Module 2: Translating belief into action
• Engaging the success cycle – The Personal Leadership Canvas (brainstorming session)
o Beliefs
o Potential
o Action
o Results
• Taking ACTION! – Pencil breaking activity
• The ONE thing every successful person DOESN’T DO – Activity: Toxic Cups

Module 3: Stepping back to understand GOALS
• The wheel of accomplishment – Are you clear of your goals?
• Intercommunication with self and others
• Remove potential barriers and improve self-mastery
• Vertical leadership and the collaborative leadership matrix

Module 4: Executing and following through
• Self-coaching towards RESULTS – S.C.O.R.E. Dance
• Increasing energy through optimum well-being
• Establishing better relationships at the workplace through compromise
• Managing emotions at the workplace

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