Facilitator’s Compass: Navigating Adult Learning And Training

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Durations: 2 Days

Facilitator’s Compass: Navigating Adult Learning And Training

Course Overview:

In recent times, the art of an effective presentation and facilitation has become one of the daily rituals in business. How far we go in our careers seems to be closely tied to how well we can present and facilitate information sharing sessions. We spend more and more of our time in meetings be it in large, small, or team meetings, sometimes internally and mostly externally, to clients or potential clients. Understanding our audiences’ needs is a key to getting the buy-in to close a deal.

This course aids in developing the awareness, knowledge, skills, and attitudes of participants that are needed to deliver effective professional presentations and managing the learnings around them. It is designed so that participants understand the theory of good communication before preparing and delivering a presentation or facilitation. The course is divided into what good communication is, how to prepare an effective presentation, and delivering your presentation so that you can achieve the highest impact on your audience

Course Objectives:

  • The ability to create an open environment for communication
  • Deliver a presentation that is effective, and powerful
  • Prepare and structure ideas that will engage the audience
  • Manage presentations for different audiences and through different mediums
  • Understand the differences between Facilitation and Training

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who gives presentations to small groups or large audiences:

  • Management Meetings
  • Sales and Technical Presentations
  • Employee Presentations
  • Briefings
  • Conferences

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Content:

Module 1: Understanding Industry Changes and Client Expectations
o Overview of Industry Trends and Changes
o Key shifts in the industry landscape
o Client expectations in the current market
o Strategies for aligning training with client goals
o Catering to New Generation Delegates – Recognizing generational differences in learning styles and expectations
o Tailoring training methods for diverse delegate demographics

Module 2: Creative and Innovative Presentation Techniques
o Adult Learning Principles Towards Effective Presentation Delivery
o CAREER, ADDIE and the 5 Laws of Learning Framework for Presentation Success
o The 5 Presentation sections
o Using multimedia, storytelling, and interactive elements
o Capturing interest and maintaining engagement
o My presentation style a personal assessment

Module 3- Design and Develop an effective Training Session
o 5 Essential Steps to a structured presentation
o The Session Plan and Learning Outcome
o INTRO Principle
o PPT Techniques

Module 4: Essential Communication Skills during the presentation
o The 7c’s of good communication
o Importance of Body Language
o Effective Questioning Techniques using 3P’s
o Creating a persuasive presentation

Module 5: Giving effective feedback during training sessions
o Understand what is constructive feedback
o Why is feedback necessary?
o Feedback is purely communication
o 8 Steps to giving constructive feedback
o Using the Sandwich Model to give effective feedback

Module 6 – Essential Presentation Skills
o 6 Types of presentations commonly used
o Getting prepared
o Understanding your audience
o What to do when presenting to Senior Leaders?
o Closing with a bang

Module 7: Building Social Connections with Clients
o Facilitation vs Training the pros and cons
o Establishing Trust and Credibility – Building trust with clients through transparent communication and expertise – Maintaining professionalism and reliability
o Nurturing Long-Term Relationships – Strategies for ongoing client engagement and satisfaction – incorporating client input into training programs

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