Rapport Building To Connect

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Durations: 2 Days

Rapport Building To Connect

Course Overview:

Ever faced a situation where a deal was in our hands but didn’t manage to close it? The challenge in closing a sale is the need for customers to have sufficient information and confidence in their buying decisions. The key to winning a sale is to always be ahead of the game. It’s important to break the ice and build a relationship with potential clients. Thus, rapport is one of the most important aspects or distinctive of unconscious human communication. It is a harmony of viewpoint, being in synchronization, coordination and being on the same wavelength as the person with whom one is interacting. By building rapport, sales professionals aim to forge connections and understanding with their clients, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

This specially designed program will cover aspects of enhancing communication, fostering customer loyalty, addressing objections effectively and providing personalized solutions. The program will give you models, tips and hints. Granted that theory alone is not enough, therefore in this training you will need to look into not only making plans but implementing them in order to develop and take the revolutionary step toward better rapport-building.

Course Objectives:

  • Familiarize salespeople with the significance of building rapport and its impact on sales success
  • Equip salespeople with communication skills to establish rapport.
  • Provide strategies for salespeople to build trust and credibility with customers
  • Share techniques to handle objections while maintaining rapport
  • Review key takeaways and provide an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned

Who Should Attend?

This one (1) day programme is to be attended by those who have direct and/ or in-direct contact with customers in the field.

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Content:

Module 1 – Understanding the Importance of Rapport
Introduction to Rapport
• Get acquainted with 4 Principles of Rapport: empathy, authenticity, similarity, and shared experience
• 3 Keys of Rapport and its role in sales
• Case Studies of rapport-building successfully

Psychology of Rapport

• Use the SD Theory to connect quickly and effectively with your clients and connect to their three psychological needs; autonomy, competence and relatedness
• The psychological principles underlying rapport
• Learn the concept of mirroring, active listening and empathy
• Applying NLP Techniques of Mirroring

Module 2 – Effective Communication Techniques
• Active Listening Skills what are they and how to use them
o Active listening helps build rapport, enhances understanding, and promotes effective problem-solving
o Learn and practice the steps: giving undivided attention – avoiding distractions – acknowledging – understanding
o Develop and practice active listening skills
o Effective Questioning Techniques

• Use strategic and intelligent open-ended questions to discover more or dig in-depth to get to know the client’s needs
o Learn 4 Questioning techniques to encourage conversation, get a better understanding and communication
o Do we question effectively? An enlightening activity to see the possibilities

Module 3 – Building Trust and Credibility
• Building Trust Through Transparency
• Identify the 3 C’s of trust and credibility; consistency, competence and caring
o Exploring the importance of honesty and transparency in sales
o Case study discussions on Transparency in Sales
• Establishing Credibility
o 3 Techniques for demonstrating expertise and credibility

Module 4 – Overcoming Objections with Rapport
• Empathetic Objection Handling
o Get to know and use the 4-step formula: listen, empathize, question and answer
• Emphasize the importance of handling objections empathetically and considering the perspective of the other person how EQ plays a big role in managing rapport
• Turning Objections into Opportunities
o Learn ways to turn objections into a chance to further build rapport and get positive outcomes

Module 5 – Recap and Application

• Practice makes perfect. Recap the concepts and steps learned from each module
o Conclusion of main points on the day’s training
• Action Plans
o Participants develop personalized action plans for applying rapport-building techniques in their sales calls

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