Success Without Stress

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Durations: 2 Days

Success Without Stress

Course Overview:

The aim of this workshop is to share with the participants’ why managing stress is so important. As we strive to climb the ladder of success, it seems that rising stress levels seem to come hand in hand. As we speed through our careers and lives many a time, we tend to breeze through interactions without understanding our impact on people. Taking the time to understand what drives people and the personalities behind the actions we can smoothen the journey we take.  With the greater understanding of how personalities and stress are related, the course materials have been developed to help participants identify the causes and effects of stress; manage their effect on us and use a deeper understanding of personalities to help us navigate our way to Success without Stress!

Course Objectives:

  • Understand our Personalities effectively
  • Use personalities to work and communicate effectively
  • Recognize stress contributors and their impact
  • Reduce stressors caused by personality conflicts
  • Utilize and identify methods to relieve stress for both workplace and home

Who Should Attend?

  • People who are looking to develop techniques to manage stress effectively.
  • Team members working in high-pressure environments looking to prevent/reduce stress becoming an issue.
  • Team members who want to develop a balanced and stress-free culture and environment.
  • Individuals where stress is affecting their performance and their personality.

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Content:

Module 1: Understanding the Personality Drivers
• Understanding the basis of DISC in communication
• The difference between personality and behaviour model
• DISC Profiling Assessment
• Team Assessment
• Understanding Your Self

Module 2: Teams and their Personalities
• Understanding Others
• Using the Personalities to work together
• How a team interacts within DISC quadrants
• Applying the Teamwork Model

Module 3: Using Interpersonal Competencies

• Understanding the concept of a behaviour dynamics
• Deep-dive into DISC profiling at workplace
• Using DISC for effective communication
• Adapting to the cultural norms in any situation
• Behaviour model application for individual progress

Module 4: What is Stress?

• Identifying Stress and its stressors
• How we get stressed through-out the day
• How Our Body Responds to Stress

Module 5: Recognizing your stress
• Three types of stress

Module 6: Stress managing methods
• The stress coping Model
• Daily Hassles
• Positive Self-Talk

Module 7: Tools to Pre-empt Stress before it gets to you
• Tools for stress reduction
• Methods of Relaxation
• Create your stress relief toolbox
• Our Stability Zones in the face of stress

Module 8: Support Networks leverage on them
• Utilize the support network around us to give and receive and give support
• Identifying our support networks
• Nurturing our support networks to move forward

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