A Framework For Talent And Succession Management

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Durations: 2 Days

A Framework For Talent And Succession Management

Course Overview:

In the ever changing and challenging economic times, organisations have the need to attract, retain and develop the best possible highly-productive talent for their survival. This too helps organisations keep abreast and constantly remain competitive. Statistics show that ¼ of all employees are in the retention risk category, they further show that 25% of employees, choose to work with organisations that can show them a career path to grow within the organisation.

Given these challenges this program will share proven strategies to attract, retain and manage talent to your organisation, whether you have an existing talent management or succession planning program that needs refreshing or plan to setup a program. This is a good place to start. This program will also bring awareness to all levels to support the organisations Talent Management and Succession program.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand basic terms of talent management and talent development
  • Assess your organisations retention readiness
  • Differentiate the gurus and high performers from the high potential people
  • Create pipelines for your organisations talent pool
  • Summarize proven creative techniques to retain and select talent
  • Design a talent management framework in line with the company’s budget and in line with the workforce retention objective
  • Produce a Competency Identification and Validation requirements for key positions
  • Examine technical and social succession focused transfer methods
  • Devise an action plan that will help improve or kickstart your talent management and succession planning approach

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior Management
  • General Managers
  • HR Leaders
  • Vice Presidents
  • HR Managers
  • Talent Management Heads
  • Senior Executives and Managers

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Content:

Module 1: Talent Management and Succession Planning
• How do you define talent for your organisation?
• The difference between talent management and succession planning
• How ready is our organisation a Talent Management and Succession Planning program
• Rating Managers Support in the Talent Management Process
• Replacement Planning process and hands on practice

Module 2: Hi-performers vs Hi-potential the using the talent review
• The difference between high potential and high performance
• Potential Assesment methods
• Holding a talent review – key things to consider
• A talent review framework – a practical example of a talent review in action
• Internal identification of talent – key roles and paths and creating the right climate

Module 3: Building Your External Network
• How to identify the right organisations and individuals for your network
• What you need today may be very different from tomorrow – ensuring your talent and succession plans support the long-term business objectives
• Typical Approaches to Recruitment
• Alternative sources of Talent

Module 4: Development and Succession
• How to create the right development opportunities for individual and the organisation
• The process of Competency identification and validation for key positions
• Developing Individuals through Individual Development Planning (IDP)
• Hands on to create an IDP

Module 5: A roadmap to guide talent management and retention
• A model to guide talent management and development
• Step-by-step review of the model
• Hands on practice using the model
• What is talent retention
• Retention Strategies
• Hands on practices

Module 6: Technical and Social Transfer for Succession
• What is Technical and Social Succession
• Why is Technical and Social Succession Planning especially important
• Strategies for Knowledge Transfer
• Technical and Social Succession Planning Activity

Module 7: What are you going to do back in the office?
• Write a “to do list” for what you plan do to back in the office

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