Emotional Intelligence For Leaders At Work

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Durations: 2 Days

Emotional Intelligence For Leaders At Work

Course Objectives:

  • Develop an appreciation in taking a step-back when needed to re-discover important elements within themselves that contributes to their EQ,
  • Apply a tool they can use to monitor their own development in the area of emotional intelligence.
  • Cultivate a toolbox of skills that they can use for self-management, particularly in being more mindful on how their emotional reactions impact others
  • Develop the  capability  to  cope  when  the  emotional  reactions  of  others  can  cause workplace stress that can lead to various consequences
  • Utilize an array of psychosocial tools in connecting empathically with co-workers and clients; and a better appreciation of their personality traits, and how their personalities overlap with emotional intelligence
  • Build a collection of strategies they can use in successfully navigating change (i.e. change that if unproductively managed can be disruptive to individual and team success).

Who Should Attend?

This program is suitable for existing supervisors, managers and head of departments of the company.

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Content:

Module 1: Understanding EQ
– Understand the emotional dimension of being a human person, and a range of emotions expressed in our daily lives at work
– Determine your range of emotions and why EQ is vital to succeeding in today’s workplace
– Identify and understand the 4 main components of EQ
– Foster self-awareness and establish what you value most
– Measure one’s EQ

Module 2: Creating Successful Self-Managers
– Determine the differences between low EQ and high EQ
– Value the importance of self-management in 3 areas
• Time
• Stress-Managements
• Self-Motivation
– Develop mindfulness as a tool for self-management
• Managing “Autopilot” Behaviour
• Programming Positivity
– Apply stress management strategies as a toolbox for enhanced EQ

Module 3: Facilitating Collaborative Workplaces

– Develop the two key aspects of Social Awareness
How to use empathy to build relationships
How to understand and appreciate diverse personalities in the workplace

– Apply the THREE (3) key tools within the area of empathy
o How to perceive emotions
o How to understand emotions
o How to use active listening

– Manage your personality as it relates to social awareness and relationship management.

Module 4: Actualizing Success using EQ
– Cultivate resilience and how we can use EQ to thrive
– Establish the GROW Model of empowerment

  • Using Effective feedback
  • Strive to becoming a transformational team

– Create your action plan for thriving through change

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