Managing Self to Manage Mindset

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Durations: 2 Days

Managing Self to Manage Mindset

Course Overview:

The rapid change in today’s global market requires every individual to be motivated to transform their passions, talents and brainpower into purposeful action. This training programme will provide you with practical tips, tools and proven strategies for developing powerful personal effectiveness through positive change. You will discover how to maximise self potential, boost morale and build a peak-performance mindset.

Course Objectives:

  • Establish their Well-Formed Outcome (WFO) towards career enhancement
  • Apply the ‘What-If Analysis’ to predict and triumph over obstacles of your WFO
  • Converse towards successful outcome achievement
  • Boost and sustain inner-energy through positive self-suggestion 

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Content:

Module 1.0: Establish Your Well-Formed Outcome (WFO) Towards Career Enhancement
1.1 Determine your desired outcome
1.2 Establish the context of your desired outcome
1.3 Express your desired outcome in sensory terms
1.4 Ensure self-initiated and self-maintained outcome
1.5 Pre-determine evidence of outcome attainment
1.6 Perform a quality check on work-life balance

Module 2.0: Generate Your ‘Will Power’ To Take The First Step With WFO in Mind
2.1 The Law of Suggestion
2.1.1 Understand the power of self-suggestion
2.1.2 Manage the circle of influence in one self
2.1.3 Transform ‘pain’ into ‘pleasure’
2.2 The Circle of Excellence
2.2.1 Overcome ‘FEAR’ with optimistic thoughts
2.2.2 Energy flows, where attention goes

Module 3.0: Predict and Triumph Over Potential Obstacles of Your WFO
3.1 Put The ‘What-If’ Analysis Into Action
3.2 Put up different thinking hats
3.2.1 The ‘Mind Role Swapping’ Techniques
3.2.2 Transform obstacles into opportunities

Module 4.0: Build WFO-Partnership With Your Boss and Peers
4.1 The art of influence
4.1.1 Understand the model of influence
4.1.2 Harness the techniques to tap human mind
4.1.3 Apply techniques of anchoring and conditioning human thinking
4.2 Influence to persuade
4.2.1 Understand the components of persuasion
4.2.2 Develop a persuasive perspective

Module 5.0: Manage Your Inner-Energy To Attain Your WFO
5.1 Realise the energy in you
5.2 Boost up the power of your sub-conscious mind
5.3 Perform through positive emotion – The Emotional Freedom Technique

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